Welcome to Jireh !

Jireh Exports Private Limited is an import-export company located in Mumbai, India. Our entreprise is involved in facilitation, service, sales, and research. Since inception our unique firm has flourished and we have clients from around the world.

Jireh Exports consists of Marketing, Sales, Research & Recruitment team. In our team we have, world class talent consisting of people with advanced qualifications in their area of expertise and most importantly - proven skills. Due to our long relationships with our team members, our work process is highly efficient and streamlined.

We are flexible. Incredibly flexible. We are happy to listen to the seemingly absurd and try to make sense of the strangest ideas. Our services go beyond what is expected. You as a client can expect prompt service and genuine interest. We work in a simple manner, avoid excessive stipulations, terms and conditions and we don't bill you for every little thing. And the reason that we are good at what we do is because we like what we do.

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